21|52 Notebook Series №1

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Make it personal with monogrammed initials – our beautifully crafted №1 is the ultimate gift, perfect for loved ones or yourself.

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21|52 - №1 Gift Set

Discover our exclusive limited edition gift set. Handmade №1 Notebook paired with iconic Blackwing Matte pencil.

Perfect present for the festive season and a dream gift for your stationery lover friends.

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21|52 - Gift Card

Struggling to choose a colour for our limited edition notebook as a gift?

The 21|52 Gift Card offers the ideal solution. It's the perfect way to let them choose and enjoy the gifting experience!

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Twentyone Fiftytwo

Twentyone Fiftytwo is a design studio based in London. It blends the disciplines of Graphic Design and Product Design, with a strong focus on craftsmanship, colors, materials and typography.